Product and Packaging Design

AYA Patterned Scarves

Mixed media (digital + traditional designs)

Silk scarves inspired by living beings in nature. For more information about the project click here.

Inspired by the Otavalo origin story Ñucanchik Wacharimanta (Our Birth).

Based on the concept of origin, the collection is divided into the five vital elements of life: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit. The AYA collection ties to our roots and aims for a revision in consumer choices. AYA gives life to non-disposable products while merging aesthetics and utility in an environmentally conscious way.

Spring 2017

Apparel Design - Anthropologie

Graphite drawings + Digital

Comprehensive apparel illustrations for tunic designs at Athropologie.

The 2016 Spring Tunic Collection is inspired by spring buds and the emerging plants of the season. It uses a pastel color palette to ease the transition from the last winter days through warmer spring ones expanding this spectrum to be wearable throughout the whole season. Comfortable, sophisticated wear for the woman who wants to look chic either during weekend brunch or in the work place.

Jan. 2016

Cosmetics - L'Occitane en Provence

Comprehensive cosmetics collection for L’Occitane  en Provence.

The Sandalwood Collection is a complete gift set for men that includes body + hair gel, shaving bowl, shaving brush, shaving soap, after shave balm, and a hand moisturizer.
Inspired by the scents of a warm and sunny Provence, this summer gift box opens the doors to a full body invigorating experience, keeping the skin and hair radiant through hot summer days. Packaging represents classic tones from Provence while reflecting notes of lavender and a sophisticated sandalwood which ties the gift-set together.

May 2016

Card Game - Cuarenta

Cuarenta is a national Ecuadorian card game, usually played with a standard deck of 52 cards by taking out 8s, 9s and 10s from the deck and using them to keep track of points.

Cuarenta means 40 in Spanish. It is also the number of cards used to play the game and the number of points required to win. 

This set gives Cuarenta a platform specific to the game. The set includes: a deck of 52 cards divided into the 40 playing cards plus 12 two-point cards, a rule booklet, and 8 dog figurines for points. Suits are divided into the four geographical regions of Ecuador, with each card illustrating either a map of the region in the number cards [2,3,4,5,6,7] or an animal specific to the region in letter cards [A,J,Q,K].

Mar. 2016

Bedding - West Elm

Comprehensive bedding collection for West Elm.

This summer collection is inspired by organic elements that emphasize summer energy. Patterns are made up with watercolor marks that create a gradual tile effect, giving the bedroom a summer-like vibe. All over pattern on duvet cover + sham graphics and details of embroidery highlights for a more special touch.
Collection includes duvet cover, sham and sheet set. Possible collection expansion includes lamp, drapes and throw pillows.

April 2016